Breathe Easy in Your Home

Get air quality testing services in Raleigh, NC

Did you know that you could be breathing in harmful substances without even knowing it? That's why Smellbusters by Aerus offers air quality testing services in Raleigh, NC.

You can get our services to make sure your air is safe to breathe. Get in touch with us now for more information about our air quality testing services.

Check out how we'll test your air quality

We have various tests to better understand the quality of your indoor air. Our team will use:

  • Laser particle counter tests to detect mold and mildew
  • UV lights to find surfaces contaminated by mildew and mold
  • Surface humidity tests to see if moisture is collecting on your walls

We'll even test for formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds.

How will we improve your indoor air quality?

Once we determine the condition of your indoor air, we'll put together an action plan. That plan may include eliminating any mold growth, allergens and mildew smells with our proprietary Beyond by Aerus Hydroxyl Blast. We can also set up a dehumidifier or air purifier as a more permanent solution. You'll know how to work and maintain your systems before we leave.

All of our cleaning products are safe for your family and pets. We'll customize our process to fit your needs. Call (919) 414-3806 today to schedule dehumidifier and air purifier services in Raleigh, NC.